Paris still is the city of lights

We really need to think about what we are doing to the world and to ourselves. There is no words to even try to describe the horror it must have been last night in Paris.
What makes me proud is to see most of the countries united to fight against the nightmare this motherfuckers bring to our lives.
But it is terrifying to think if something like this happens here, in Portugal. Are we prepared to such a disater? Do we have means, is our army ready, is the police capable of doing the same thing we saw yesterday? I know we are not safe from this cowards but can we trust we are going to be rescued, we will have our own heroes?
All our prayers are not only with does who left but with the ones who lived and will continue living for a long time the horror, the pain, the fear.
As a human being i apologize for what we do to each other. This is why i always joke about how it would be so good if we were all like my cat. I guess being the 'racional ones' is not that sparkling. God bless our souls, for those who still have one.

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